Cloud Security Services

Cloud Security Services Migrating to the cloud system comes with its own risks and security concerns.

Cloud Security Services

The new environment may have various resources that might go untapped due to the complex nature of the IT ecosystem. It requires enterprises to revisit legacy security systems and mould them in the context of the new hybrid environment.

Securing the fabric that interconnects every entity involved in the delivery of applications and hosting data is a top priority for us in delivering managed private clouds and hybrid clouds.

Our Cloud Security and Compliance team comes with a holistic approach towards driving the security strategy of enterprises.

  • We look for cloud-based intrusion and do 24×7 security monitoring to identify and mitigate threats that you need to be aware about as soon as the vulnerability is identified.
  • We take care of the security and compliance of your applications and data in any public cloud platform, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
  • Your web applications are also taken care of using our managed firewall which includes unified threat management features such as web filtering, advanced applications firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware scanning, and intrusion detection and protection of systems.
  • Redundancies are supported through our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery capabilities

Take full advantage of the power of the cloud, without any of the risks. VnextGen’s cloud services allow companies to reduce operating and support costs while efficiently maintaining and administering applications with improved service levels. We let you focus on growing your business, and not the cloud; it’s our job to make your cloud a success. We provide you with an infrastructure that scales as you grow, providing you with the necessary IT resources, security and 24×7 uptime and the availability that you demand.

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