Global Security Operation Centre

Global Security Operation Centre The pandemic has forced organizations to adopt a remote-working strategy and hence having cybersecurity solutions for remote working conditions is becoming mandatory.

Global Security Operation Centre

According to various cybersecurity reports, cyber-attacks on operational technology infrastructure has increased multi folds. It also implies that vulnerabilities are rising in number and broadening in severity too, which is why you should invest in a Security Operations Centre (SOC).The main objective of a Security Operations Centre (SOC) is to detect, monitor, analyze and react to security incidents with the help of futuristic tools, cutting-edge technologies, and a robust security strategy. 

At VnextGen, our approach to security operations support starts with identification of customer requirements, implementation, monitoring, tuning, and utilization of appropriate tools. We fully understand the challenges associated with keeping an organization secure and we leverage our experience in implementing Global Security Operations Centers for small and large organizations.

VNextGen’s Global SOC provides visibility analysis, and action, not only based on logs, but also based on network packets. Logs and network traffic are captured and then analyzed for abnormalities that point to intrusions. Our job is to help enterprises in redefining security operations to cope with the evolving cyber threats, so you can worry less and work more.

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