Vulnerability Management as A Service

Vulnerability Management as A Service Vulnerability Management is often viewed by most IT professionals as the weakest link of an organisation's IT security landscape.

Vulnerability Management as A Service

From procedural deficiencies to technical flaws in a given product - unmanaged, these can become primed for exploitation by even the most unsophisticated internal or external threat actor and eventually lead to a costly compromise.

Leveraging our unique experience and years of expertise in the field of Vulnerability Assessments, our team can assist organisations in proactively managing their vulnerabilities by providing a custom-tailored and all-encompassing approach to the problem; thereby almost eliminating the risk of a compromise.

Vulnerability scanning can be a time consuming activity and if improperly managed, can severely delay the identification of critical vulnerabilities on mission critical systems. Our unique approach allows organisations to prioritize assets that will be undergoing vulnerability scanning along with ensuring that known critical vulnerabilities are identified first so that they can be remediated in the shortest amount of time.

At VnextGen, we do continuous and proactive vulnerability scanning across the organisation based on your selected threat profile and risk acceptance level and on-demand tactical vulnerability scanning to identify any and all vulnerabilities present on a given host. Using our services, vulnerability scans can be throttled to minimize the impact on system and network performance so that your critical business can continue without experiencing a noticeable degradation in performance.

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