Data Centre Solutions

Data Centre Solutions At VnextGen, we design, develop and operate some of the most flexible and scalable data centers. Our focus on efficiency, operational excellence and reliability has always helped us stay amongst the very best in the business.

Data Centre Solutions

VNextGen develops top notch modular strategic data center solutions on physical infrastructure for your entire data center and network. We have configurable rack-based data center and cloud solutions bringing together power, cooling, management, and security to support IT deployments.

VNextGen helps to build strategic data center and cloud solutions for regional and local edge data centers that add computing capacity closer to the user or data source while also optimizing or revamping the network as per requirement.

Design and deployment to management and planning to operations we handle it all. Smarter infrastructure means smarter business. We’re leading data centres into the next generation of smart rack and power infrastructure while also preparing backup and disaster recovery.

Our solutions and services can help you build new data centers or upgrade, modify, and identify the right size of premise for hybrid architectures. We modernize and improve your integrated data center solutions to optimize performance and cut down costs.

VNextGen is committed to solving complex challenges within every stage of the data center lifecycle.

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The threat out there is more complex than ever before, and it takes next-generation defense strategies and up-to-date technologies to thwart sophisticated attacks on your network endpoints.

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Backup & Recovery

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